Recent years have seen substantial growth in the field of national infrastructures both in Israel and globally.

Firms operating in this field require an in-depth understanding of a range of areas such as the establishment of housing and industrial buildings, transportation infrastructures, efficient treatment of water resources and advanced energetic solutions. 

Our company’s professional team, managed by Harel Namir and Omri Even, is backed by many years of experience and specializes in the management of complex engineering projects.

Our company implements the highest professional and quality standards, accompanying our clients throughout project stages, from the development of a business plan, through design stages, to the completion of all projects components. 

Finally, our teams accompany our clients also throughout their projects’ testing and commissioning periods, ensuring that project implementation and use is at its optimal level. We represent an efficient network of professional global collaborations aimed at offering a quality service pack that promotes the success of the projects we support and to which we provide our services.


Ori Yogev


Harel Namir


Omri Even

Executive Director Water and Environmental Division





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The Ashalim Power Station is the first in Israel that uses solar thermal energy, converting solar energy into heat. The steam produced in the process generates huge turbines that provide stable and continuous electricity 24/7.  The company is responsible on behalf of the client for managing the works on site, including the construction of a tower that is the core of the Power Station and in parallel has coordinated all safety aspects at the site.


The Colombia Project

Oil drilling of millions of barrels per day. The oil was extracted by injecting pressure steam into the Artesian Aquifer. As a result large quantities of water had to be treated (3 barrels of water for each oil barrel). The treatment of approx. 4600 m3/h of water included phase separation, initial and secondary filtering, and reverse osmosis. The water quality had to meet the local regulations for returning water to rivers/streams in the vicinity, or for unlimited agricultural irrigation.

This project was carried out by Mr. Omri even, the Company’s CEO, prior to the establishment of the Company.


The company’s experts are currently managing the oil exploration project at Israel’s ‘Shofar Ktoret’ site located north of the city of Ashkelon and spanning an area of approx. 295 square km. The area has been approved for oil and gas exploration at the beginning of 2016 following comprehensive professional analyses to assess the feasibility of locating the required resources.




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