Univice has cooporation agreement with Lahmeyer & Laboralec, Subsidiary company of Engie Group.

Services to entrepreneurs ​

  • Owner's Engineering

  • Support and evaluation of design‭, ‬pricing and procurement stages‭, ‬according to budgetary and schedule limitations‭

  • ‬LTA- Lenders' technical advisor

  • Establishment of a central project administration

We manage our projects by establishing a central project administration to supervise the construction process while ensuring that schedules and milestones are met‭, ‬in collaboration with the entrepreneur and his design teams‭.  ‬

These services include‭:

  • Integration between systems and processes‭

  • Superposition between engineering systems

  • Analysis of Opex vs‭. ‬Capex investments‭ - ‬energy consumers‭, ‬efficiency and manpower requirements‭, ‬as well as required equipment

  • Consultants‭ ‬management‭ - ‬process‭, ‬civil‭, ‬mechanical‭, ‬electrical‭, ‬control‭, ‬‭HVAC‭, ‬fire extinguishing‭, ‬and more

  • Coordinating required outputs with relevant authorities‭ - ‬permits‭, ‬network connections‭ (‬electricity‭, ‬plumbing and water‭), ‬etc‭.‬

  • Schedule‭ - ‬design vs‭. ‬construction‭, ‬critical paths

  • Quality control‭ - ‬defining the quality system‭, ‬examination of equipment prior to shipping‭, ‬Factory Acceptance Tests‭ (‬FAT‭), ‬Site‭ ‬Acceptance Tests‭ (‬SAT‭)‬

  • Procurement‭ - ‬negotiations with suppliers‭, ‬Statement of Work‭ (‬SOW‭), ‬responsibilities‭, ‬spare parts‭, ‬coordination with required professionals‭, ‬etc‭.‬

  • Construction management for all disciplines‭ - ‬schedule‭, ‬supervisors‭, ‬contractors‭, ‬site documentation‭, ‬etc‭.‬

  • Transition from construction to operation‭ - ‬facility books‭, ‬work procedures and training

  • Support of operations to achieve stabilization of the various systems

Construction services at the work site

These services include safety and work management services in a wide range of specializations while operating subcontractors as required by the entrepreneur:

  • Project Managers and Construction Managers‭ - ‬management of construction contractors‭, ‬budget‭, ‬communication with the client/entrepreneur‭, ‬schedule management‭, ‬and more

  • Foremen‭ - ‬registered professional foremen in the field of construction

  • Safety Managers‭ - ‬registered professional safety managers as required by law in the field of safety in construction and industry‭ (‬approx‭. ‬30‭ ‬areas of Specialization including work on high altitudes‭, ‬confined spaces‭, ‬and more‭), ‬providing training services‭, ‬risk management‭, ‬and more

  • Electrical‭ - ‬support‭, ‬planning and establishment of electrical systems‭, ‬including high voltage systems

  • Mechanical systems‭ - ‬support and establishment of complex mechanical systems‭, ‬interfaces with secondary systems‭, ‬selection of equipment‭, ‬installations‭, ‬lifting‭, ‬pumps‭, ‬and more

  • Procurement and logistics‭ - ‬negotiations‭, ‬SOW‭, ‬defining responsibilities‭, ‬spare parts‭, ‬operating professionals and more

  • QA/QC‭ - ‬defining the project’s quality system‭, ‬examination of equipment prior to shipping‭, ‬Factory Acceptance Tests‭ (‬FAT‭), ‬Site Acceptance Tests‭ (‬SAT‭)‬

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