Complex engineering projects

Recent years have seen substantial growth in the field of national infrastructures both in Israel and globally. Substantial municipal and national resources are being channeled towards large-scale engineering projects aimed at providing better services to match the country’s demographic growth and its natural aim to achieve constant improvement in citizens’ quality of life while protecting the environment, nature and the natural landscape to the extent possible. 


These complex engineering projects involve high level planning and implementation of countless elements and a wide variety of disciplines. Firms operating in this field require an in-depth understanding of a range of areas such as the establishment of housing and industrial buildings, transportation infrastructures, efficient treatment of water resources and advanced energetic solutions. 


These projects, in addition to being critical and complex, are conducted over extensive periods of time and include milestones, upgrading and implementation processes. This is especially true for projects involving recycling, water treatment and desalination, as well as central industries including food and pharmaceutics, energy, environmental protection, and more.

Professionalism, Experience, Efficiency

Our efficient and dynamic work methodology ensures that we are able to provide professional, timely solutions to the wide range of engineering issues that arise during the implementation of projects. We collaborate with leading global corporations in related fields, so as to ensure continuous learning and control frameworks in a world in which it is essential to constantly keep up with technological developments.


Univice implements the highest professional and quality standards, accompanying our clients throughout project stages, from the development of a business plan, through design stages, to the completion of all projects components.


Finally, our teams accompany our clients also throughout their projects’ testing and commissioning periods, ensuring that project implementation and use is at its optimal level. We represent an efficient network of professional global collaborations aimed at offering a quality service pack that promotes the success of the projects we support and to which we provide our services

Social Responsibility

Univice is deeply committed to community development and believes in strengthening the society and community in which it operates. This commitment is present in the organizational culture of the company and is expressed daily in the company's relationships with its staff and colleagues. We are proud of our employees who engage in various voluntary activities throughout the year, making significant work and involvement in the community.

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